Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Extra Homework

Cathy set us some extra homework this week. The theme was 'real world colour', so we had to take colour inspiration from catalogues, adverts etc. We were also supposed to use our handwriting on the LO, but I must confess, that after an initial attempt, which my lovely daughters said ruined the LO, I reverted to a 'handwriting' font on the PC!


  1. well well well the girl can journal. Lovely. Great photo of the girls.

  2. Another lovely LO! Great colour choices too. And a vry sweet photo. I have to say, in all (slightly ashamed honesty) that I'm a bit relieved you've used a handwritten font (as have I, btw) because when I looked at your journalling, I thought enviously - wow, what beautful handwriting Michele has! Wish mine was like that! Looking forward very much to seeing what you do in week 2 ... :)alexa

  3. Naughty naughty not using your handwriting haha but having seen this LO IRL I think the font you chose is brilliant. Part of me wishes I'd done that too having seen yours but I'm trying to do things I don't normally do and live with it. Not sure i'd use handwriting on proper los