Sunday, 26 October 2008

Design Your Life - Week 4

This is my first assignment for this week. Cathy provided the journalling template and sketch and we had to do the 'easy bit' i.e. find appropriate photos. The problem is, it's no longer easy, as I'm having to go way back to find photos to fit the theme. The next assignment is a mini book - so I'm definitely going to have to take photos especially for the occasion. The kids are going through the 'don't want to have my photo taken' phase, so maybe the mini album will feature pictures of everyone asleep!


  1. very nice. Love the way you've changed the colour of 'remember' to match the yellow of the paper.Love the photos of the girls.

  2. Lovely LO! Have left you a (nice!) comment on the site. Well done on getting it finished - I'mstill trailing behind yu all! x alexa

  3. Lovely LO, it all co-ordinates amazingly and you've rounded those corners on the Remember This journalling block much better than my attempt with scissors.

    Maybe for the mini book think of an obscure variation of the 5