Sunday, 17 July 2011

Napkin Decoupage

After trying Decopatch, I thought I'd give Napkin Decoupage a go. I glued a serviette to the MDF blanks, covered with varnish and then edged in gold Krylon.


  1. colours are so rich and elegant. Marvellous.

  2. These projects are absolutely stunning in their detail. Draw dropping on floor as I opened your post to see such beautiful decoration. In especial awe of how you have neatly lined up the butterfly and chinese lady across the front of the box in sections. Next time my house needs wallpapering, I'll have to employ you to come do it for us - I bet we wouldn't even see the joins. Pxx

  3. Beautiful Michele. Funnily enough I bought some napkins last week to have a play with. Great minds eh? Lol!
    Have a lovely Sunday. X

  4. Wow Michele, they are just amazing. Gorgeous napkins you've chosen

  5. These are just beautiful - and I'd never have guessed they were napkins. Such careful work - I bet there isn't a crease in sight either. Lovely, lovely ... When is your Etsy shop opening?

  6. Hi Michelle,
    I found you! I've just been enjoying a wonderful mooch round your blog since I got home & everything, & I mean EVERYTHING, looks fabulous. Your colouring is awesome & some of your CS inspired creations are better than the originals! I love your decopatch & can't wait to see how your butterfly turns out. Lovely to meet you, & I hope to see you both at the next class.
    Andie xx