Thursday, 25 November 2010

Don't faint.....

but I've made a card!! Although, to be fair, I have been making plenty of Christmas cards, but not posting them on my blog. The Christmas cards may remain unfinished though, the way things are going. I placed a Papertrey order, this month, that contains the finishing touch for my cards. But rather than winging it's way to me in England, within a few weeks as usual, the tracking shows that it has ended up in Ireland?? Parcelforce have no record of it on their system and the USPS tracking hasn't updated for 3 days - so to say I am frustrated, is a massive understatement!! Anyway fingers crossed that it turns up sooner rather than later.
Back to my card, which is for a friend's daughter's 17th birthday. Everything apart from the bling (Papermania) and the embossing folder (Cuttlebug) is from Papertrey - oh the irony!


  1. Yayy glad to see you back on the blog :) Beautiful card, you haven't lost your quality touch. And I can sympathise with making cards but not being able to show them. I have the same problem this time of year :)

    Hope your PTI order arrives soon. Crossing fingers for you Px

  2. Love the image you've used. I've told you its me thats the jinx :( hope you are able to sort out the problem soon

  3. the way the pp echoes the shape of the die. Very clever.

  4. This is supercute! Can I card-lift for my little grandson at some point? Delightful!