Friday, 12 December 2008

Week 7 - Assignment Two

For years, Mum had wanted to go to the 'Witches Galore' shop in Pendle, so a couple of weekends ago, we finally got around to going. We had a lovely day out an she bought us both a 'Pendle Witch' as a souvenir.
Apologies for the poor picture of the LO - haven't figured out how to fix the lens distortion yet.


  1. nice photos-good to see you catching up

  2. Wow excellent LO - love the eye-catching black strip with Pendle on it - lots of clean white space too

  3. Lovely - so clean and clear and restful to look at. I just love your LOd!
    About the lens distortion thing which I know you and I have chuntered about before - I've discovered that with my camera, if I use the zoom, then I don't get the bowed edges. So I put the LO on the floor, stand over it as squarely as I can, and then use the zoom to make the LO fill the frame, rather than hunker down. Apparently, because all lenses are curved, if you don't use the zoom, then the light round the edges gets distorted as it goes through the curve. The zoom uses the central part of the lens only which is flat. Let me know if that works for you! xx alexa